Worship God by Enjoying Him Forever

How does it work?

Each Saturday students will be given a Bible reading sheet to complete during the week that they can turn in the following Saturday for points. The reading sheet has two sections to complete – one for reading the Bible and one for prayer.

Reading Section:  The reading sheet will have the selection of the Bible to read that week.  The Primary/Juniors class will be using the NIRV (New International Readers Version.)  The Earliteen class will be using the NLT (New Living Translation Bible) version.  The reading sheets are to be taken home and completed over the week. It is recommended for the students in Primary to read it with a parent. At the end of the sheet there is a question to fill out about what they read.

Prayer Section: There is also a checkbox to mark after they have spent at least 5 minutes during the week to pray.  This would be a specific time the students set aside during the week for focused prayer.  Praying at meals, bedtime, just because something is lost, etc. doesn’t count towards the 5 minutes.

At the bottom of the sheet is a line for the parent / guardian and student to sign. This verifies that the student read the story, completed the answer part, and spent at least 5 minutes
in prayer during the week. Please make sure it is completely signed!  If the sheet is not signed by both the parent / guardian and child then the child will not be able to earn a point for it.

Due Date:  The Bible Reading sheet is due at the beginning of Sabbath School class time the following week.  Sheets turned in after the other sheets have already been collected will not count for points even if they are completed and signed.  After a sheet is turned in the student can place a sticker next to their name on the leaderboard and earn 1 point. (1 sticker = 1 point)