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Live cast of services every Saturday begin at 10:55 am CST. Past sermons and events can be viewed on our YouTube channel.


  1. Thank you pastor Glenn. What an amazing sermon today. We miss you stay safe God bless.
    Ellie Mark owen and Jason Labolt

    • Thank you pastor Glenn for an awesome service the sermon was amazing and again thank you.

      From Cape Town, South Africa.
      Fred Goliath’s sister Grace, brother-in-law Alfonso and children Faye and Lee.

      God bless you all at Hinsdale Seventh Day Adventist Church.

    • Loretta. (Lori) Waue.

      Thank Pastor Glenn. I thank God for you and for this church family. And for the Message today on Psalms 100 make a joyful Shout to the Lord and being thankful. I am thankful for the family that showed me this church.
      Florida and Lem. And for my son Kaleb. God is so good. I am thankful for church family. For the Lord is good His mercy is everlasting.

  2. Hinsdale United; what a wonderfully pregnant concept. I eagerly look foreward to being “united” with our brothers and sisters in the larger Christian Community of Hinsdale. Christ Church of Oakbrook, Hinsdale United Methodist Church, St. Jobes Catholic Church and the rest, all praising our Father and His Gift this Christmas Season!!!

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